LE Brands Digital Media

LE Brands Digital Media is a full-service digital agency that supports brand digital marketing efforts.

If your goal is to increase online sales, build an audience around your brand or figure out if your current digital marketing is working, then we should sit and have a conversation.

What We Do

Brand Content

What’s your content strategy? We’ll help you find the right platform for your audience, engage your audience, and create a strategic plan to create content at scale.


We provide quality analysis and recommendations to marketing team or SEM account manager to optimize your search strategies.

Audience Development

After reviewing content strategy and engagement methods, we develop specific plans to help you grow an audience that will stay engaged with your brand.

Social Media

With so many different social platforms, it is important to have a set strategy for each. We work with your brand to develop a cross platform strategy and management plan.

Just a few of our happy clients.